Javascript Asyncronous Loading

I feel like I should let my discoveries be known and promote bloggers that provided me with a solution to the problems I face day to day during development. I was working on fixing page speed issues with the last company that I worked for called EmpowHER. This company, which is a health social media site, uses Drupal as the tool of choice to do rapid development and provide the necessary content management system for the writers to post on. The issue with using Drupal is that it tends to shy away from optimizing JavaScript to its full potential and just deals with backend development. Though this may be the case JavaScript helped solve the issue on slow page speed by utilizing something called a lazy loading technique.

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Gmail Contextual Gadget (Part 2)

Last post I talked about how to set up the manifest to trigger whenever there are certain key words in your email message. Though now I want to talk about how to go about building a button and list gadget. This button and drop down list will appear each time it matches the regular expression that one sets up in the application manifest.

Though in a gadget what is needed to build your application are the following:

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Gmail Contextual Gadget (Part 1)

So last time I posted I said that I wanted to develop a widget of sorts that gave the user the ability to save message threads from Gmail into a CRM application. From what I researched there was two possible solutions to the problem that I was facing one was to use an application called Rapportive and the other was to use Google’s new Gmail Gadgets API.

Though I said that Rapportive gave a nice interface and had potential, I found out that it could fail if Google ever decides to change its email interface. This actually came true recently with something called Google People which adds a bar with contact information on the right side of your email. Though with this recent change it didn’t affect my idea of creating a button to do the features that I wanted.

To get more info on building the gadget you can follow this guide.

There are two parts to building a gadget and that’s to have the gadget itself and a manifest that reads where the gadget is hosted whenever you load your gmail.

In the application manifest what you need a couple of things. One of those things is what google calls extractors, which are used to search certain sections of your email for whatever regular expression you want to look for. These extractors can be used to trigger your application to run whenever the desired regular expression appears. In the following example for all my extractors I wanted to display the gadget I created for all possible strings inside my Message ID, Recipient Email, Sender Email, and Subject line.

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My First Project

Hello and welcome to my blog and first post!

A couple of weeks ago at Gate6 I got assigned my first project now that I have free time to work  for them over the summer. Even though this job is without pay the benefits of learning new things is worth a lot more.

So now on to what I’m working on! Basically what I got assigned was to come up with a solution for their CRM web application they use on Quickbase. What they want to implement is an application that does the same functionality that sendtoquickbase does in Outlook but now to expand and add this functionality to webmail, Gmail to be more specific.

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